Artists in Residence for The Dance Education Program


Artistic, Cultural and/or Educational Value

     Professional dance artist, Debra Norton, provides dance instruction to 560 students and 22 teachers four days per week (Monday – Thursday).    This project adds value in several ways.  First, children will learn about the art form of dance, learning skills and technique.  Dance classes provide an additional layer of kinesthetic learning in addition to their physical education experiences.  Children learn about the cultures and traditions of people from other parts of the country and the world, and throughout history.  The different ways of learning through movement and dance provide another modality of learning for our students


Educational Impact

     With this Artist in Residence for Education Project, the imbedding of dance into the school experience will enhance the arts environment of the school. 


The Artist in Residence will:

  • Provide highly engaging instruction on the elements of dance and creative movement for all students, especially those who learn in non-traditional ways (special education), and those without full English language skills (ESL).
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to integrate dance into the core classroom curriculum. For example, a unit of connecting writing and movement prepares students for creative and non-fiction writing as they explore sequencing, character development, plot and setting
  • Create an environment open to creativity and artistic risk-taking as students make choices in beginning choreography. 
  • Encourage creative and critical thinking skills throughout all dance experiences in order to reach our school and district objectives of teaching with “higher order thinking” strategies.
  • Develop students’ physical abilities and kinesthetic awareness through dance training.
  • Improve students’ collaboration and cooperation skills as they work together to create and perform.
  • Perform frequently in order to instill self assurance and poise.
  • Expose students to the possibilities of careers in dance through interaction with Artists in Residence, Guest Performers, and community stage productions


Thank You!  

This activity is supported in part by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.