PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

Meets the first Monday of each month at 5:00pm, in room 323. All parents are welcome to attend.

President: Kathy Taylor

Vice President: Meghan Cook

Secretary: Tricia Mohney

Treasurer: Cynthia Ligman 

SIT (School Improvement Team)

Meets one Monday each month at 5:15pm. If you are interested in finding out how you can help children at Woods Lake Elementary, call  337-0790.


Have you ever wondered about the car rider door?
This is the area where parents/guardians may pick up students at dismissal. It is located at the south west corner of the Oakland Drive parking lot. There are two teachers supervising our students to make sure your students are picked up by the proper person. If this is a regular mode of transportation, please continue. If you would like to start picking up your student there, or if it is a one time pick-up, please call the office by 2:15 pm so that they may advise the teacher and the student of the dismissal plans. If you will please stay to the right in the parking lot, the flow of traffic will be smooth and easy!

***Please note, students who normally ride the bus will NOT be dismissed to the car rider door without a note or a phone call from a parent.